IMG_8533There are a range of peri-urban stakeholders with competing – and sometimes conflicting interests. Creating food-resilient cities means addressing these stakeholder priorities, pressures and concerns.

Stakeholder perspectives:

  • Farmers need viable commercial conditions, a fair price for commodities, land security and a social license to operate.
  • Residents need access to affordable and safe housing, access to jobs and social services.
  • Planners need to make informed decisions to balance competing land uses while considering population growth, transport, and other needs in the long term.
  • Food consumers need access to nutritious, diverse, safe, traceable and affordable food.
  • Land, water and air need to be protected from both urban and agricultural pollution.
  • Waste and resource managers need to cost-effectively collect, transport and process the city’s water and organic waste for new markets, such as fertilisers or energy.
Farmer livelihoods
Peri-urban residents
Planners and decision makers
Food consumers